What is Trezor Suite Lite?

Trezor Suite Lite is designed as a companion to the full Trezor Suite desktop application, allowing users to monitor their bitcoin and crypto assets on Android and iOS devices. Apple iPhone users can enjoy the convenience of having easy access to their portfolio overview and receiving payments. Android users can enjoy enhanced functionality by connecting their Trezor hardware wallet directly to their smartphone, allowing them to generate and verify receive addresses directly on your Trezor, making it easier than ever to manage your crypto on the go.

This user-friendly app emphasizes convenience and accessibility, providing a simple way to track and receive crypto assets while you’re out and about.

Key Features

  • Sync Addresses and Portfolios: Easily sync your individual addresses and portfolios for each coin or token you own.
  • Monitor Balances and Transactions: Stay updated on your crypto balances and monitor recent transactions for better financial management.
  • Generate Wallet Addresses: Accept incoming transactions by generating wallet addresses on the fly.
  • Personalization: Customize basic settings and currency displays to suit your preferences.

Trezor Suite Lite: Connected device on Android

  • Android users can connect Trezor hardware wallets (Model One, Model T, and Safe 3) directly to their mobile device, enabling the following enhanced functionality:
    • Connect and unlock Trezor: If you connect a PIN-protected Trezor to your Android device, you can unlock it by entering the PIN either directly on your Trezor or via the Trezor Suite Lite mobile app.
    • Discover existing assets with transaction history: After you’ve unlocked your Trezor, the app will automatically discover your active accounts (i.e. those with a transaction history) for all supported coins. Note that coinjoin accounts are not automatically discovered.
    • Verify receive addresses on-device: Safely generate and verify receiving addresses using Trezor Suite Lite and a connected Trezor.
    • Easy choice of operation modes: users can easily switch between Connected Device and Portfolio Tracker.

Trezor Suite Lite on iOS

  • Use Trezor Suite Lite on iPhone for the extra convenience of:
    • Watch-only Portfolio Tracker: stay up to date with your portfolio performance on the go, without having to access the desktop application.
    • Sync your crypto assets: simply scan the account public key (XPUB) to add each asset to Trezor Suite Lite.
    • Receive payments: receive payments directly into the accounts you’ve already synced and verified for Trezor Suite Lite

Benefits of Using Trezor Suite Lite

    • Convenience: The app is perfect for users seeking a quick and easy solution to monitor their accounts and receive funds on the go.
    • Accessibility: Trezor Suite Lite is designed for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring broad compatibility.
    • Simplicity: The app focuses on essential features and offers a streamlined user experience.

    While Trezor Suite Lite doesn’t provide advanced features or third-party integrations found in the full version of Trezor Suite, it remains a handy option for users who want a convenient way to keep tabs on their crypto assets while on the move.
    Download Trezor Suite Lite today and start enjoying a convenient way to monitor your crypto assets! You can find it here: